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    JD Admissions information

    • Your admissions team is here to help you with your JD admissions application.
    • There is no application fee to apply to the NSU Shepard Broad College of Law.
    • Visiting our campus and attending a class is a great way to see and hear how NSU Law is dedicated to your success.
    • Our Student Spotlights can give you an overview of your colleagues at NSU Law.


    The student body and faculty are incredibly diverse. And that really adds to the experience that you have here in your overall education.

    The faculty wants the students to succeed. And what I mean by succeed, it means in every area of the law school experience, as well as practice. We have an academic support program. We have open door policies with our professors. And some of the students who transfer to NSU are particularly impressed about how approachable their professors are.

    When I would go to the professors' classrooms, they always wanted to make sure that I understood the material, that I was able to practice everything, and that I could understand it not just to pass the final exam but to implement into practice one day. Moot Court Society really gives you that advantage to hone in on your advocacy skills and practice those outside of a traditional setting. And whether it's providing a niche of like minded students or a networking opportunity, I think every organization on campus really contributes in its own way to my overall success.

    The Nova Southeastern Shepard Broad College of Law really does bridge the gap between the legal knowledge that we're required to have compared with the business acumen that a law firm would require. The workshops, the interviewing, and counseling, the seminars, and the real practical experience that a law student gets at Nova is easily transferable into the real world. I feel more than ready to tackle not only my legal challenges but engage in the community where I hope to stay for the foreseeable future. And that is all thanks to the Shepard Broad College of Law.