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    Students that elect to do an in-house clinic complete their clinical semester under the direct supervision of law faculty that work with them and in our in-house clinic.

    It gives students an opportunity to get practical legal work. So when you go out and you're actually practicing, you know exactly how to write motions, petitions. How to operate yourself in court. How to speak in court. How to interact with judges and other attorneys. That's why clinics are so beneficial to students.

    It empowers students to take the knowledge that they have gained through their professional studies here at NSU, and apply those in the real world practice of law.

    Giving them faith in the justice system and showing them that we do care, that was really most important to me.

    I don't see enough attorneys in the public defender's office who look like me. So for me, I feel that I need to be in a position where all the skills and assets that I've acquired in law school will be better used in that realm.

    They will leave this building, and they will go on to continue giving back to the community, and transforming the lives of the clients that they represent who will otherwise not be able to access the justice system.

    I've worked at Children Legal Services in Miami. I've worked at the public defender's office for two semesters. And I also worked at a private law firm in downtown Ft. Lauderdale. The experience is priceless.