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    • Your admissions team is here to help you with your JD admissions application.
    • There is no application fee to apply to the NSU Shepard Broad College of Law.
    • Visiting our campus and attending a class is a great way to see and hear how NSU Law is dedicated to your success.
    • Our Student Spotlights can give you an overview of your colleagues at NSU Law.


    Mentoring allows students to start building those relationships that are going to help them advance their careers. It helps them to begin to set a professional reputation as well. They're building the reputation with attorneys who are in the legal community that they will be joining one day. One of the many benefits of the mentoring program is it allows students to learn from the experiences of others.

    The mentoring program also provides information on professional development and the business of law. So students will learn how to network. They'll learn how to start their own firms. Or what skills they should be thinking about. What they should know at the start of their careers so that they can be successful from the very beginning, and create very long lasting legal careers.

    We have a really strong alumni base. And they are more than eager to help our students. And so the students work closely with alumni. They have many opportunities to meet them through the alumni mentoring program, through different programs that are held throughout the year where they might do a practice interview.

    One of NSU's key strengths is the diversity. Going to the law school in a community in South Florida, which is already so diverse, there are so many opportunities to interact with different types of lawyers from different backgrounds. And truly diversity allows for a wealth of different viewpoints. And I think those viewpoints are what helps for people to understand the law from different perspectives. And it really helps to shape the type of lawyer they'll become.